One of the biggest advice you hear when it comes to building a startup or advancing your career is network, network, and do more networking. But networking is total BS and here’s why:

Networking is more of an exchange of business cards. 

You see this in meetups people pointlessly throwing their business cards at you and what happens? If they are a service providers they usually try to sell you something or it goes basically no where. The worst is those financial advisors you get at meetups and they try to sell you stuff. No offence!

Networking leads to not much. 

Essentially networking goes no where as there’s not much common ground. Instead you need to find the niche community to help you grow.

Networking implies you’re trying to get something out of someone. 

Networking should be both ways but for most people they make it one-sided so they know go after their own agenda and are not willing to help you out when needed.

But you’re like this is so counter intuitive. How can I advance my startup or career? Here’s what you should instead: 

Find people to collaborate with. 

Your best connections come from people you collaborate with on a project. But how can you collaborate with people in your area?

  • Interview them for your blog
  • Offer to exchange notes over a conference
  • Join a volunteer board member
  • Offer to become advisor at a startup
  • Get involved with a side-project
  • Attend startup weekend
  • Attend hackathons

Plugin into communities. Find your tribe.

Communities whether online or offline are such keys in terms of connecting with opportunities and growing your career. Join and add value to these communities. You will be amazed at the results. I have to be biased here and recommend FoundersBeta as the ultimate community to help you grow. You can join here.

Build an army of supporters not just have a “network”.

In order to grow build an army of supporters, not just have a so called “network”. These are the people who share your posts, help you connect, and elevate.

What do you think about networking? Let me know your thoughts below.