Startup Judge Ryerson University Sage Canada

Presenting the awards to the winning team


I had an honour to be a startup judge at Startup Competition at Ryerson University with Sage Canada. There were twelve early-stage startups who pitched their ideas. The judges had to score the startups based on following criteria:

– Innovation and creativity – What is value proposition?
– Progression – what risks and pivots have they done?
– Amount of profit 
– Sustainable business practices 
– Succession planning – How will they continue to move forward?
– Community Engagement 

The level of energy and enthusiasm was incredible. After seeing all the pitches I gave a perfect score to this startup called CyptoHippo – working on a simulator and gaming cryptocurrency platform. They end up winning the competition and I had the opportunity to hand out the trophy to them during the ceremony. 

Startup Pitches

Of all all the pitches one stood out the most was this startup called myCryptoHippo. They had the best pitch, which is why I gave perfect score to this team. Perfect? Yes perfect score and here’s why:

– Great idea and even better execution with building an MVP and landing those early users
– Incredible display of expertise, passion, and enthusiasm but most of all being humble!
– Great branding: the name stood out, was memorable, and all team members were coordinated and even had a great T-shirt together!
– Had a great pivot from their original idea: shows that they are after the problem!
Me and other judges had the same opinion. I wrote a full blog post on this here


myCryptoHippo Team

Winning Team


Startup Awards and Ceremony

Eric Rafat Presenting the Awards

Me presenting the awards


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