What are the biggest time wasters in your startup? As founder often times you are short on time, resources, and sometimes being pulled into many directions. Here are some time wasters to avoid in your startup. These are so called doing “Extra shit” besides building an actual business.

1. Big Tech Conferences & Expos 

If you’re going in as an attendee this will be your biggest time waster. It suck up your time, gas, and plus transportation cost. Additionally you spend few days on just meeting people. Chances are you’re not going to meet any customers there! This also applies with getting booth. When I was attending one of the biggest tech conferences I noticed some founders went to display their startup there and what I was amazed at was the lack of engagement. Did paying $800 for an expo pay off for you startup? There’s also hidden costs as well including transportation, lunch, or even if you’re staying over hotel plus staff. This is called the “Tradeshow Depression” which was neatly discussed in the book by Brian Halliagan. The description says “with no prospects visiting their booths Joe and Sue give each other moral support.”


The only time it makes sense to go a conference is if you’re a speaker than that’s totally different ball game as you get more exposure and credibility for your startup and personal brand.

2. Those people who say let me pick your brain over coffee.

Yes…we all get those people as founders that just want to get information out of you for free without adding any value. It’ goes like this let me pick your brain over SEO. Thanks but not thanks. If you want to ask a founder for a coffee in return for time try something different. Stop asking “let me pick your brain”. Like as if founders are sitting in the office waiting for that. They put in years of blood, financial risks, sweat, rejections, and tears into building a business. Instead offer value in return for the time. How about?

– Sharing your marketing notes from a conference you went
– Showing the founder a new way to win customers
– Offering to write a guest blog post for the blog
– Offer feedback on the product or service

If as a founder the person who contacted you adds no value you have to say no. Saying no is one of the biggest skills you need to pick up as a founder.

3. Massive meetups

You’re part of 500+ people in the meetup and listening to some guy who raise money. How’s that going to help your startup when you’re just at idea stage or earlier? The biggest thing in a startup as they is to get shit done and get it done fast because speed is your biggest asset.

4. Overanalyzing and overthinking all day.

This is common problem in a startup. You talk and talk and zero action. Strategize but then execute fast.

5. Making a big fuss about your logo button coluor.

Once you have something functional that works no one cares about the logo button colour. Start driving traffic towards your site.

6. Thinking about all the next great features you’re going to build.

There’s so many things to add on the product but less is better. Focus on the things that drive sales, users, or traffic. In other words focus on getting more customers. That’s what matters.

Do you know of a big time waster in your startup? Let me know below!